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Marlpool Junior School


Hello and welcome to

Class Buxton!


 Our teacher is Mrs Lacey. 


Our class is named after the lovely spa town of Buxton in Derbyshire. Buxton is famous for its fresh drinking water and baths.  It is a very pretty place with lots to do. Our tables are named after some of its most popular tourist attractions: St Ann's Well, Poole's Cavern and Solomon's Temple. We will be discovering more about our class name throughout the year and in the first week back will be completing some art work based on its landscape.  




Our class love riddles and we often challenge each other with some very tricky ones! Did you figure out last half-term's one? 


A mother has four sons. North, South and East are the older three. What is the youngest son’s name.

Answer: What 

(This is because the final sentence ends with a full stop making it a statement rather than a question.)


Can you figure out this one?

What has four legs but only one foot?



Last half-term, we looked at inspirational people as part of our topic. As part of Black History Month, we looked at Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks and Stormzy. We also looked at the suffragettes and their cause as well as inspirational women such as Marie Curie. We studied Steven Hawkins and learnt how they have contributed to the world of science whilst battling a serious illness.

All of this came together to inspire children on our final day of half-term – Aspirations Day! We visited Heanor Fire Station for one afternoon and had some local inspirations come into school to talk to us about their jobs – Danniella the Paramedic, Billy the Fireman and Derrick Osaze the Punching Preacher (a professional boxer who preaches too!).

The children had a great day to the end the half-term and have learnt that they can achieve what they want to achieve with hard work and determination. Hopefully, this positive attitude can carry on throughout the rest of the year to help us achieve in class too!

This half-term we will be looking at the Ancient Sumer Civilisation. We will be locating the Ancient Sumerians on a map and looking into their way of life, discovering their art, writing system, culture and the impact they still have on us today!

Challenge: Can you write the alphabet in cuneiform? If you can, bring it in to me to get some SMART letters! 




As a class, Buxton is doing really well at handing in their homework on time! Keep this up this half-term Buxton! Well done!